Our lawyers are regularly involved in sophisticated transactions in the real estate and construction sectors. We assist our clients (developers, property owners, lenders, and investors) in connection with a wide variety of real estate transactions including greenfield/brownfield investments, forward sale and lease agreements, joint venture developments or other hybrid structures.

We offer comprehensive real estate law services, including:

  •  investments, sale, and acquisition of real estate projects, including agricultural land and other agricultural assets;
  • investments, sale, and acquisition of real estate projects;
  • construction projects;
  • agribusiness related real estate transactions;
  • general contractor agreements;
  • service or consultancy contracts with engineers, architects or other specialized providers of services;
  • handling delays and deficiencies in construction works;
  • licensing and authorization of buildings and other immovable structures;
  • financing of real estate projects;
  • complex asset securities structures;
  • lease and related activities;
  • forward purchases and other hybrid development structures;
  • restitution of nationalized/confiscated properties.

Our specialized team also provides legal assistance regarding land development, including zoning, planning, optimizing urbanism indicators, regulatory and other construction compliance issues.