Our energy lawyers have advised in many of the sector’s most complex projects, such as exploration, production and refining of conventional oil and gas, shale gas as well as extraction, transportation, processing, storage and marketing of crude oil, natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Our energy team has significant experience also in other electricity matters, including production, delivery, marketing, and regulation of electricity, as well as in green energy projects, including wind, solar and hydroelectric power projects, as well as in projects in emerging areas like biomass.

Our services include:

  • development of photovoltaic and wind farm projects;
  • assistance in development of biomass power plant facilities;
  • advising in development, regulatory, revamping or commissioning of micro hydro power plants;
  • general advisory for hydroelectric power regulatory frame, contracts, and developments;
  • assistance in green field project of structuring, authorizing, building, and commissioning of cogeneration power plants of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle – IGCC;
  • joint ventures for implementing green field / brown field projects consisting in development and construction of electricity cogeneration facilities;
  • shale regulatory framework in connection with shale gas exploration, reserves assessment, drilling permits, access to pipelines and general development of shale gas industry in Romania;
  • joint venture for development of nuclear reactors facilities;
  • assistance in regulatory framework for development of heavy fuel refining facilities;
  • privatization of thermoelectric power plants;
  • privatization of companies involved in the distribution and supply of natural gas in Romania;
  • mergers & acquisition of energy companies;
  • due diligence of energy companies.