Governmental Affairs is one of our strongest practice areas. Our Governmental Affairs taskforce assists our clients, be it individual companies, trade associations, federations, or confederations to interact at official level with the Romanian Government and with Governmental institutions, as well as with various EU institutions and bodies, with a view to promoting their ideas, opinions, or amendment proposals within the legislative process.

We assist our clients in the official dialogue with the State partners and advocate for their legal business, social and economic interests. In this position, we have been involved in the process of creation or amendment of several legislative acts, laws, or secondary legislation.

Our services include:

  • conceptualizing legislative strategies and their implementation in various fields of interest, such as transport and port infrastructure, energy, nonbanking financial institutions, agriculture and forestry, trade associations;
  • drafting and amendment of legislative bills/regulatory proposals/amendments to existing legal provisions or drafting framework of new legal environment;
  • representation of clients in front of State authorities such as Parliament and Government as part of the social institutional dialogue;
  • representation of clients in front of specialized committees and working groups organized by the Government, the Parliament, or other institutional bodies;
  • assistance in designing and conceptualizing clients’ public positions and press releases related to issuance or amendment of laws or other regulatory acts.