In the aviation sector, our lawyers’ experience comprises complex projects such as:

  • cross-border acquisitions and leasing of aircrafts and parts of aircrafts (both wet, dry, and damp leasing arrangements);
  • technical maintenance agreements;
  • aviation company restructuring procedures;
  • forced sale of aircrafts and aircrafts parts;
  • authorization and licensing of various aviation activities including passenger airlines regulation, ground handling operators licensing, levy tax assessments;
  • joint ventures between airports, retailers, and food & beverages operators;
  • sub-concession and lease agreements for various airport operators;
  • competition law compliance;
  • catering contracts between airlines and in-flight catering operators;
  • airport security regulations.

Our experience in this field was gathered working with the most important players in the local market, airline companies, catering companies, ground handling operators, duty-free and duty-paid retailers, F&B outlet operators, airport authorities and aviation sport associations.